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Employment Practice

McKnight, Canzano, Smith, Radtke & Brault represents workers with claims against their employers, including claims for sexual harassment, gender, race, religion and disability discrimination, failure to accommodate a disability, other violations of statutory law; ERISA (discrimination relating to fringe benefits and wrongful denial of benefits), Family and Medical Leave Act, state and federal whistleblower protection laws (e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley Act), the Americans with Disabilities Act as amended, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and many others.

  • My supervisor continually asks me on dates. Is this sexual harassment?
  • Every promotional opportunity in my company seems to be given to less qualified workers of a different race, gender or national origin, can I sue for discrimination?
  • I took maternity leave and the company fired me when I tried to return to work. Can they do that?
  • I recently came back from military service and my employer will not take me back. Don’t I have a right to my job under USERRA?
  • Can I be fired for being a medical marijuana user?
  • I reported my employer to a law enforcement agency because it was violating the law and I was fired. Am I a whistleblower?
  • My child is very sick and requires very expensive medicine and treatment. My company told me to either take a pay cut or decline health care benefits for my family because their self-insured health care costs are too high. Is that legal?
  • I was offered a severance package and told my job was eliminated as part of a workforce reduction, but I found out that a much younger, less qualified worker replaced me. Isn’t age discrimination illegal?
  • I know I am an at-will employee, but can I be fired because my religion requires me to attend services during a scheduled shift?
  • Is there still such a thing as wrongful discharge or wrongful termination if I am an “at will” employee?
  • I have a physical condition that prevents me from doing some things, but it does not prevent me from doing my job if I can sit and stand when necessary. Does my employer have to give me a chair?
  • Is it legal for my employer to pay me substantially less than my male co-workers for doing the same work?
  • I have to take time off related to my husband’s military deployment. Can I be terminated or penalized for taking that time off?

If these are your questions, if you believe you have been discriminated against by your employer, or you believe that your employer has violated laws that protect employees, please contact us. We will evaluate your claims and provide a prompt response to your inquiry.

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